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How to Unclog Your Toilet

How to Unclog Your Toilet. My toilet was clogged, and I could not seem to get a plumber to come out until tomorrow. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue, except that at this time our Master Bathroom toilet is being renovated, so we only have one working toilet for five people…..Not Good! (lol)

So, I did as many other homeowners do and did my own research on how to unclog my toilet. Of course, I started by looking on Facebook, which lead me to the following link to an article that seemed to fit my needs pretty well. So, without stealing the plumber’s thunder, I’ll share the links here, and you can check it out for your self.

plumber, pömpel, figure

Don’t Ever Do This with a Clogged Toilet!

But, before I share the links that give you the step by step directions to unclog your toilet, let me share some of the important things you must never do when you have a clogged toilet. Some are pretty basic, but some you might have been tempted to try had you not known better. (And, now you know better!)

  • Never, ever, ever, pour a caustic drain cleaner down a clogged toilet bowl. Poring a caustic drain cleaner down a clogged toilet bowl will probably not help, but it may cause more damage to your pipes, and at the very least, it can cause injury to you or anyone that try’s to clear the toilet bowl properly.
  • Do not continue to flush the toilet hoping that the water pressure will move the stoppage and unclog the bowl. If the water cannot go down, it will most certainly overflow onto your bathroom floor.
  • Do not pour vinegar and baking soda into a clogged toilet bowl, unless of course you are filming this for YouTube and want to see the volcano effect. The same goes for adding Mentos and Soda.

Natural Methods to unclog a toilet

Okay, lastly, before you venture off to the provided links, here are a couple of “Natural Methods” to unclog a toilet bowl.

  • Scoop out whatever waste is in the bowl, but please wear gloves. remove as much water as possible, then pour some dish detergent in the bowl, and add a large pot of Hot Water to the mix. After a couple of minutes, add some more water and if you see that the water level is not rising, you have solved the problem.
  • Scoop out the contents of the bowl and all the water as described above, and locate the emergency shut off valve to the toilet tank. It is normally located to the bottom left of the toilet tank, and remember that right is tight, and left is loose. So, turn it right till it is tight. Now, the tank will not refill and you can proceed to try plunging or auguring as described in the links below.

All Island Plumbers Web Page is Https;//AllIslandPlumbers.Com

Here is the link to the unclog your toilet guide.

I hope you find this article useful, let me know if you want me to share more like this in the comments! If the link does not work, click here

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